Dr. Patricia L. Howard

President & CEO

Welcome to Howard's Medical Coding Online Learning Suite!

Our number 1 Goal for Students: Independent Contractors/Self-employment

Assist students with placement in the Remote Medical Coding Contracting Industry!

We are very excited to offer each and every student an amazing recession-proof Medical Coding career that offers you part-time work earning full-time pay.

I am personally overwhelmed of the many students that have studied and succeeded in this program, and as a result they have become gainfully employed with much security for themselves and their families.

We have restructured our curriculum which cuts down on the volume, and we built in more educational content which allows the student to grasp material swiftly so they can enter the Medical Coding Contract Industry soon after pass the National Certification Examination.

Enrolling with a Medical background is great but not required, and all we request of our students is to focus, be diligent and guard your studies which is the recipe for success, for we are here to serve our students and serve well.

Once again, welcome, welcome, welcome!

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